iPals inter-generational project

Posted on 19 May 2016

iPals inter-generational project

An exciting ‘iPals’ project kicked off at Deerhurst Care Home October 2015, working with Alive! Activities.

This new inter-generational, 12-month project connects our Deerhurst residents with local school children from St Stephens School - through the use of iPads.

Residents, some as young as 96, started to correspond with children from the school using the iPad - some using this technology for the very first time! The children introduced themselves by sending collages made with the Pic Collage app to the older people, talking about their lives, interests and hobbies.

In the last few weeks, iPals has seen the residents and children concentrate on using iMovie.  Focusing on the world around them, they have made some incredible footage and shared some very touching moments and really gleaned an insight in the world of our older and younger people.  Watching the residents use a Go Pro camera and showing us their world, through their eyes has been particularly moving.  Colin, our presenter said after "it was probably the best thing I've ever done  at Alive!".

The children came in to Brunelcare’s Deerhurst Care Home for a joint video session, which they all loved. The lovely communication, and film making was a delight to see.  When asked by his pal what would make the care home a better place, Fred answered "Seeing you more!".

To view one of the iPals movies, see https://goo.gl/Iw9WB3    

This term, the iPals have been moving onto music and looking at favourite pieces of music and exchanging these with the residents and children.   They have shared videos and picture collages.  The children are returning to see Deerhurst residents in June and are looking forward to seeing their pals again.

Fred and Alan and two children, Ruby and Callan, were on BCFM Silversound radio talking about how much they have enjoyed the iPals project (you can listen to it any time by going to http://bcfmradio.com/silversound and in the list, clicking on the show that is 11:00 – 18/02/2016).  They were also interviewed for BBC Radio Bristol’s Jon Darvall show which was aired 18th May 2016.

For more updates about iPals do follow Brunelcare's Facebook page

Press Coverage: Primary Times in Avon, 6 June 2016

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