Brunelcare's Shaun in the City Sponsorship

Posted on 11 August 2015

Brunelcare's Shaun in the City Sponsorship

Brunelcare were proud to be a sponsor of Bristol's Shaun in the City trail this year.

Our sculpture was Sparkles the Unicorn, and sold in the Shaun in the City Auction on 8th October for a staggering £25,000 - the second highest bid! Sparkles was seen during the Bristol trail from July - August, located in Horfield.

Brunelcare saw this sponsorship as a wonderful chance to raise the profile of two important local charities; our own, providing housing, care and support for people in Bristol and the South West, working together with Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal to raise money for Bristol Children's Hospital. It’s a great opportunity to bring older and younger generations together.

During the trail, our staff and friends also helped us raise over £850 for The Grand Appeal by knitting and selling Shaun the Sheep toys and holding fundraising events on a few of our sites.

The photo with this news story features Sparkles, joined by our CEO Paula Kennedy and Emily Golden the designer; just before the trail launched. Emily is a talented Bristol-based illustrator.

To read more, here is some of our press coverage:

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