Filming project with City of Bristol College

Posted on 13 March 2017

Filming project with City of Bristol College

Traditionally, Brunelcare have built up professional relationships with local schools and colleges as part of working in and around the community. One of these colleges is City of Bristol College.

Brunelcare carries out a range of collaborative work with City of Bristol College – apprenticeship training programmes, job ‘taster’ days, recruitment events, to name a few. In 2016 Brunelcare approached the College’s Creative Arts & Media department, asking their media students if they would like to produce some innovative promotional recruitment films for Brunelcare.

Serena Rowland, Brunelcare’s Head of HR says:

“We were keen to work more closely with the College in this exciting way to help us raise awareness of the Care industry as a great sector to work within, sharing the  career progression opportunities and flexible work/life balance options that are available – hearing from our own employees.”

So, our filming ‘brief’ was an invitation to the Year 2 Media Students at City of Bristol College to come and film in our care homes, day centres and offices – interviewing a wide range of our employees - to create short films that communicate what it’s like ‘Working at Brunelcare’ or ‘A day in the life of Brunelcare’.  We were keen to select a few of the films to share online, to support our recruitment advertising.

Ali Grant, City of Bristol College Lecturer, concluded:

“It was really valuable for the learners to be given a live brief from Brunelcare. It is not the sort of subject matter that they would ordinarily choose to cover, so it was a really good opportunity for them to be taken outside of their comfort zone. Working alongside staff and residents in a professional care setting gave them an invaluable opportunity to produce videos for use in the public domain to help promote the organisation.”

Thank you to all the students involved in the project: Matt, Ewan, Josh, Amiee, Maria, Michael, Dan and Amber. We had great fun during the filming and love the engaging films that you created for us!

Take a look at the films from Matt Smart, Ewan Keith and Josh Thorpe now published on our website! See Hear from our Staff 

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