‘First dig’ takes place for Little Heath

Posted on 30 May 2018

‘First dig’ takes place for Little Heath

The ‘ground breaking ceremony’ or ‘first dig’ for Little Heath, our new 64-bed care home and 24-bed reablement service, took place on 23rd May.

Pictured, Brunelcare was joined by Brackley Investments and construction firm Stepnell to celebrate construction getting underway!

Stepnell was awarded the £8.5 million scheme by Brackley Investments, who specialise in care home developments.  Brackley Investments will develop the buildings to Brunelcare’s specification, which Brunelcare will then lease from them on a 25-year term.

It is hoped that Little Heath will be up and running by early 2020, replacing the former Heath Resources Centre and the former South Gloucestershire Council Newton House Care Home on the site.

For more details, see our page Little Heath, Cadbury Heath


Press Coverage:

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