'Not just wall art'

Posted on 23 August 2018

'Not just wall art'

A large exterior wall at Brunelcare’s Colliers Gardens has been transformed in the last few days with wall art featuring a landscape scene – with definite ‘wow factor’!

Julie Walker, Centre Manager, spoke to tenants this summer about the rather plain bland wall that four of the flats were looking on to. The other areas of the scheme had amazing garden views; however this was an area that was identified as in need of a facelift.

Julie then enlisted the help of Eleanor and Elizabeth, two tenants at Colliers Gardens, as they had links to an artist who had completed amazing wall art on their previous house. So together they invited the local Bristol artist they knew, known simply as Andy, to come and decorate the wall with some of his spectacular wall art! (all three pictured right)

All the tenants and care teams at Colliers Gardens are more than delighted with the impressive and eye catching wall art – an almost 3D wonderful landscape scene which completely covers the large exterior wall, which required scaffolding to complete. Surprisingly, it took just one day for Andy to complete.

Brian (pictured below with Andy), a tenant at Colliers Gardens lucky enough to look out onto the wall from his apartment, said:

“I became friends with Andy the day he did this. I enjoyed chatting to him and watching him do the painting – I think he has done a brilliant job. It looks amazing!”

Julie Walker, Centre Manager at Brunelcare’s Colliers Gardens also explains:

“We fund raised to pay Andy for his work. So this has become quite a community project over the last few weeks with everyone getting involved and becoming intrigued to see the result. This isn’t just wall art – we have noticed a real buzz around the place, the wall has brightened everyone’s moods and is a real talking point. Friends and family have been popping in to see it. We are lucky to have this uplifting art on site!”

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wall art Colliers Gardens Andy with BrianAndy whilst painting wall art


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