Who cares for care workers?

Posted on 21 September 2018

Who cares for care workers?

This is about a thank you letter by one of our customers, sent to and published on the ‘letters’ page of iNews this August, under a heading ‘Who cares for care workers?’.

It provides insight about our North Somerset Community Services team, as this happens to be about them! How they help someone continue to live independently in their own home, with all the loving care and support they need.

Thank you Diana - for allowing us to share this. We thank you for your support and we wish you and your husband the very best!


In ‘Letters to the Editor’, iNews, 25th August 2018:

I was one of those people who ‘avoid thinking about care until forced to.’

It all changed in 2017, when my husband was discharged from a three-month stay in hospital, following a major stroke. He was unable to talk and paralysed down his right side.

In the first weeks at home, he had four visits a day with two carers in attendance. As he became stronger and more able to help with his own care this was gradually reduced. He still cannot walk or talk but we have the utmost respect and gratitude towards our carers.

They are worth their weight in gold.

Diana Holl

Clevedon, North Somerset

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