Double century celebration

Posted on 30 November 2018

Double century celebration
Well, what we actually mean is that we have had two wonderful 100th birthday celebrations this week in the Brunelcare ‘family’!
First up, it was Bessy Howell (pictured right) who celebrated in style this Tuesday with her family at her special  lunch party hosted by our ABC Centre, where Bessy lives. About turning 100, Bessy had this to say:
“I don’t really feel any different. Although, I can’t quite believe I’ve lasted this long! Occasionally my body reminds me how old I am but really I’m doing well.”
Then, this Wednesday our Somerset based Community Services Team Leader, Maureen Marsh, surprised and delighted our client, the lovely Betty Eavis, with flowers on her 100th birthday!
Both pictured celebrating:
Maureen and Betty
We say 100+100 best birthday wishes to these lovely ladies!  
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