Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We want to reassure those we provide housing, care and support for, that we are doing everything we can to keep people safe during this time.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Last Reviewed: Monday 13 July 2020

Key points:

  • Our Care Homes are now arranging pre-booked socially distanced visits
  • Our Extra Care Housing sites are now allowing visits, permitting those visiting abide by certain rules to ensure the safety of both tenants and visitors. Restaurants and communal areas have begun to reopen.
  • We continue to provide care at home to our Community clients and will communicate any changes directly to clients.
  • It may be necessary to make changes to our services, possibly at short notice, to help keep people safe.
  • This page will be regularly updated.

For the latest Government advice, please visit:


The safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our highest priority.

We want to reassure everyone we provide housing, care and support for that we are doing everything we can to help keep people safe.

Any decisions we make will be based on the latest Public Health and Government advice, which is updated daily.

This page will be updated with new information and changes in guidance.

Care Homes

Our Care Homes and Reablement Centres are now welcoming visitors by appointment.

Visitors must book in advance with the Care Home or Reablement Centre. Visits are 30 minutes in duration, take place outside, socially distanced, with one visitor per visit. PPE will be provided and all visitors must complete a visit checklist on arrival.

We remain open to admissions. We only accept admissions following a negative Covid-19 test.

If you have any concerns about your loved one, please contact your relevant Care Home Manager.

Extra Care Housing and Woodland Court retirement village

Support ‘bubbles’

The Government has announced the following:

“Single adult households – in other words adults who live alone or with dependent children only – can form a ‘support bubble’ with one other household. All those in a support bubble will be able to spend time together inside each others’ homes, including overnight, without needing to stay 2 metres apart.”

Full guidance can be found at:

We know relatives will want to visit residents/tenants in this category in their homes at our sites. We want to make sure this can happen safely, whilst recognising that for some who are ‘shielding’ this will not be possible.

For residents/tenants and families who are forming support ‘bubbles’ we ask that visitors must:

  • Inform the site of who makes up the support ‘bubble’
  • Wear a face covering in communal corridors
  • Use the hand gel or hand washing facilities provided when entering and leaving the building
  • Go directly to your relative’s flat, please do not wait in communal areas and avoid touching surfaces. Please note that communal toilets are not to be used by visitors.
  • Only use the lift where absolutely necessary
  • Visitors are asked to wait outside or leave when care staff are visiting
  • Follow social distancing guidelines of 2 metres when inside the communal areas
  • You must inform us if anyone within the support bubble becomes symptomatic or tests positive for Covid-19

Visiting if not in a ‘bubble’

For some, who are in the ‘shielded’ group, or for whom a support ‘bubble’ is not appropriate, we are keen to find ways to make visiting possible in a safe way.

Visits can now be arranged in the following way:

  • Visits in an outside space
  • Maintaining two metres social distance
  • Limited to two people visiting one tenant/resident at any time
  • Visits will need to be limited to 1 hour in duration
  • Visits will need to be booked in advance with the scheme
  • Hand gel will be available for all to use at the beginning and end of their visit
  • We strongly advise face coverings to be worn by visitors
  • You must bring your own seating
  • Only use the areas as agreed by each site

This will of course be weather permitting.


We also know how beneficial the activities we are usually able to provide are, so we’re keen to restart these in some form. Individual schemes will provide guidance on this, but groups will be limited to no more than six residents/tenants and colleagues and will take place outside. This will of course be weather permitting.


We have begun reopening our restaurants for residents and tenants only. Social distancing measures and a maximum capacity will be in place.


Our hairdressers are now returning, with appropriate PPE and infection control measures in place.

Community Services

Visits to our community clients continue. It may be necessary to make temporary changes to visits so we can ensure the needs of our most vulnerable clients are taken care of first.

We will keep clients fully informed.


Your home is secure

No-one will lose their home as a result of Coronavirus.

If you are a Brunelcare housing tenant, and you are worried about paying your rent or other bills because of Coronavirus or the need to self-isolate, please rest assured that your home is secure.

We would encourage anyone with concerns about money to contact a member of our team to discuss them.


In addition to emergency repairs being carried out, we are slowly expanding our current repairs service to include some priority, routine repairs to ensure your homes are safe.

From Monday 15th June, you can contact us if you have any repairs relating to:

  • Extractor fans being faulty or not working
  • Electrical sockets which are not working
  • No heating or hot water (not an emergency between May and September)
  • External estate concerns – uneven paths, unsafe fencing, loose handrails, etc
  • Internal repairs in the communal areas
  • Minor adaptations
  • Communal pest treatments
  • Surveyor Inspections

Please continue to report your emergency repairs, which include;

  • Major roof leaks
  • Uncontainable or containable plumbing leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Blocked drains
  • Serious electrical faults
  • Broken/jagged glass
  • Toilet not flushing where there is only one in the property
  • Insecure front door or windows
  • Door entry system not working
  • Shower repairs where resident unable to use a bath
  • Dangerous walls or fencing
  • Replacement light bulbs
  • Lift breakdown/entrapments

Brunelcare’s controlled distance process

Letter to social housing residents


Anyone in the England, who has Coronavirus symptoms, is able to ask for a test here:

Care Homes have been sent testing kits to test all residents and staff.

Routine testing of all sheltered housing or extra care housing tenants is not currently being offered by Public Health.

Tenants and residents who have symptoms are able to request a test directly and Brunelcare can support them to do so if necessary.

Media enquiries

All enquiries from media/press should be directed to:

Matthew Bell, Marketing and Business Development Director

More information

If you have any concerns about visiting a Brunelcare site, or about a loved one, please contact the management team at that location.

If in doubt, email: or call 0117 914 4200.