While we always try to do our best to meet your needs, we recognise that we may not always get things right. If there is something you feel you need to complain about – tell us. We value complaints because they tell us how we are doing and help us put things right. If you make a complaint we will investigate it in a fair, sensitive and confidential way.

We welcome your feedback, good and bad, so that we can improve the services we provide.

How to give us your feedback

You can give us feedback in person, by phone, email, letter or via a customer survey. If you need to, do ask a friend or relative, or maybe an interpreter, to help and support you when you contact us.

How to raise a concern or complaint

We hope that most problems can be sorted out quickly and easily. We call this ‘raising a concern’ or ‘making an informal complaint’. This is done by contacting the person you normally deal with first.

However, if you are not satisfied with the response you get you can make a ‘formal complaint’.

You do this by:

  • Speaking to the person you have been dealing with and asking them to progress the concern as a formal complaint
  • Or by contacting their Manager  (if this is not the person you have already been dealing with) and asking them to progress this as a formal complaint.

As you follow our formal complaints process you will be provided with the appropriate contact details so that you can progress your complaint to your satisfaction.

How we handle your formal complaint

Stage 1: The manager will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days. They will then investigate and aim to respond and resolve the complaint within 10 working days of receiving it. If this is not possible we will explain why and how long it will take to resolve.

Stage 2:  If after the manager has responded you feel that your complaint is not fully resolved, you can refer the complaint to the senior manager of the service. Again, your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 days and we will aim to resolve the issue within 10 working days from receiving the complaint.

Stage 3: If you still feel the issue has not been resolved satisfactorily we would ask you to contact the Operational Director of the Service or Brunelcare’s CEO.

Useful contacts

In the first instance:

Please call 0117 914 4200 or speak to the Manager for your service.

Secondly, you can also contact our CEO:

Operational Director or Chief Executive of Brunelcare, Brunelcare Head Office, Saffron Gardens, Prospect Place, Whitehall, Bristol BS5 9FF                 

External contacts

Once Brunelcare’s process has been exhausted and you feel the matter still needs resolving you have the right to take the complaint forward with your Local Government Ombudsman. Housing tenants should initially contact a designated person (an MP or a local Councillor) and after that the Housing Ombudsman.


Tel: 03000 616161  www.cqc.org.uk

Local Government Ombudsman:

Tel: 0300 061 0614    www.lgo.org.uk

Housing Ombudsman:

Tel: 0300  111 3000 www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk

Get in touch now:

T: 0117 914 4200 (Mon – Fri, 8.30am- 4.30pm)

E: info@brunelcare.org.uk

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