Meet our Volunteers: Gaynor

Gaynor originally responded to a Facebook post asking for Community Support volunteers to help with shopping because “the pandemic has put so much pressure on everything, and I wanted to take the opportunity to do something positive back. I felt it gave people a chance to come together and look out for their neighbours”, but when she found out Waverley needed administrative support, it was the perfect fit.

Gaynor helped staff and tenants at Waverley with some of the extra work the COVID-19 pandemic created for care homes including assembling and registering the weekly COVID tests for staff and tenants, and delivering the post when postal staff were unable to come in. She also helped with more traditional admin tasks like answering the phone and archiving.

Gaynor quickly became one of the team, and the staff and tenants at Waverley felt very lucky to have her support, calling her a breath of fresh air and amazing.

If you have been inspired to volunteer by Gaynor’s story, click here to register.


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