Meet our Volunteers: Kelly

Kelly joined Brunelcare during the pandemic. Her grandad lives in a close knit community where he receives lots of support and Kelly wanted to donate her time to benefit someone who didn’t have such a strong support network.

Kelly was matched with Howard, who she sees every week. The pair start their visit with a catch up and then Kelly heads out to do Howard’s shopping. She is normally able to find everything on his list as it’s usually groceries and a newspaper, but sometimes he gives her a surprise and asks for something like a plant pot!

Both Howard and Kelly have experienced the benefits of their volunteering match. Kelly says “I work full time and am generally very busy but I wouldn’t stop seeing Howard. Our relationship has grown and I really enjoy seeing him. When I offered to volunteer I didn’t realise how impactful it would be. It is the highlight of my week” Speaking about Kelly (and Cristiana his Befriending Volunteer), Howard simply captures the value of these interactions saying “I would miss them both if I didn’t have them”.

If you have been inspired to volunteer by Kelly and Howard’s story, click here to register.


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