Meet our Volunteers: Nikki

Nikki and Mike were paired as Friends on the Phone, part of our Befriending scheme during the first COVID lockdown. Nikki was looking for voluntary opportunities after retiring from the NHS and Mike was sent a card from Brunelcare inviting him to take part. The two have become great friends; Nikki taught Mike to play the ukulele virtually, and they even appeared on BBC Points West.

Mike says “It’s been amazing. We used to live really close together, just a few streets down the road from each other. We always find things to talk about, and we get on really well”

The experience has been beneficial for Nikki as well, who says “I would definitely recommend it. I consider myself lucky that it is so easy to talk to Mike. In his own way, he is quite young – he has a young outlook in the way he views things! I think elderly people on their own, knowing they have a conversation on the phone and not just text is really important and beneficial, particularly during these times.”

If you have been inspired to volunteer by Nikki and Mike’s story, click here to register.


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