12 Feb 21

Yes, I know…another blog about Covid!

By Teresa Chinn MBE RN

Written by Brunelcare
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Yes, I know…another blog about Covid!

It’s been almost a year since Covid began in earnest in the UK. I know this because Lockdown (or Lockdown 1 as we are now calling it) started a few days after my daughter’s birthday (she was gutted that she had to go to school on her birthday, then a few days later everyone was learning from home and it turns out she would now do anything to be back at school! But getting back to the point...).

It’s nearly a year since all of our lives were turned upside down, yet Covid still endures and here I am asking you to read yet another Covid blog when all you want to do is switch off and never see or hear the word Covid again...sorry!

So much has happened in the space of a year. We have put our lives at risk, we have learnt so much, we have cried, we have not hugged, we have cared under extreme circumstances, we have dug deep when we thought we could dig no more, we have read and implemented multiple pieces of ever-changing guidance, we have kept going and now we have a vaccine!

The vaccine (in fact multiple vaccines now) is surely something to celebrate, but it’s on this subject that I have a confession to make Dear Reader; when I first heard about the vaccine I was reluctant to have it! Yep! I had, albeit quietly, my doubts.

It wasn’t that I was worried that some internet billionaire would be able to track me through a nanobot or some other such stuff that has been shared on social media, but it all did seem a bit scary, it all seemed a bit sci-fi and most importantly, for me, it all seemed a bit fast! I sat with that worry for a good few weeks, whilst the question everyone asked each other was ‘will you be having the vaccine?’ and then I decided to take action.

I read and watched and even listened to lots of information. I avoided asking on Facebook (normally a good go-to point for me) as I know that there is so much false information being shared there at the moment. I looked for reliable information from reputable sources - people like the NHS or Public Health England or good quality news sources.

To say that there’s quite a bit out there is an understatement and I was reminded of the saying ‘getting information from the internet is like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant’ … there’s a lot of info! I eventually stumbled across a really good run down by the BBC (click here to read it) which explained the following:

  • The foundations for the rapid development of a vaccine were laid down years ago - we have been prepared!
  • The vaccine process did not skip any steps
  • Everyone dropped everything to work on the vaccine, so we have had lots of scientists working on this
  • There hasn’t been years of hanging around between each step of the vaccine as there normally is
  • The funding was there
  • There were lots of volunteers for clinical trials (normally clinical trials struggle to recruit people)
  • Everyone pulled together to stop Covid

Ok, so at this point I had a bit of a ‘duh!’ facepalm moment as it’s all fairly obvious. However, Covid has meant that we are all living under stress, we may not be quite thinking straight and we, quite frankly, have a lot to cope with. So I didn’t give myself a hard time about my previous concerns, I just quietly made the decision to have the vaccine.

And I did!

And I’m fine!

And I actually feel a little less stressed!

The bottom line for me is people are dying from Covid, and as a Registered Nurse I put myself, my family and the people I care for at risk by not having the vaccine.

Yes, I know, this is yet another Covid blog, but thank you for taking the time to read it and if you are worried about the vaccine I really urge you to do just one simple thing: check the facts. Talk to a healthcare professional if needed, but make sure you know what is true and what is a myth. Make an informed decision by being informed from a reliable source. The most important thing is that we lessen the risk of more people dying from this horrible virus.


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