17 Jan 20

“Betsy’s back”: Betsy’s mental health story

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“Betsy’s back”: Betsy’s mental health story

After struggling with her mental health for three years, Betsy says working at Brunelcare has turned her life around.

Betsy Marsh joined Brunelcare as an Administrator at our Kingswood office in October 2019, after leaving her previous job of 21 years. Working in the same role for over two decades made Betsy nervous to start a new career, but she says the change has had an incredible effect on her mental health.

She was welcomed with open arms by her colleagues, who did their best to make her feel like a valued member of the team, and has been described as a ‘breath of fresh air’ in the office.

Betsy said: “The first day I was here my direct manager, Tracy, came in with a keyring for me, a welcome card and a plaque to put on my desk which said ‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there.’ I received cards and letters from the team throughout my first week, and I was really made to feel like I belonged. It was so lovely. I couldn’t wait to come into the office each morning.”

Prior to joining the team, Betsy struggled with depression after going through a difficult time which took a toll on her work and home life.

Betsy was prescribed medication to help with her symptoms and, unexpectedly, after only two weeks of starting her new role at Brunelcare she stopped taking her medication for the first time in three years.

“On my first week of being here I started to feel like I didn’t need them anymore,” Betsy said. “I told my husband that I wanted to stop taking them and after a few weeks I was completely off my medication. It was really nice to be able to feel again. Depression completely numbs you from the inside, so overcoming that was an incredible feeling.”

Betsy said: “Depression can take such a toll on your life and how you function. Mental health is really important and people need to take more notice of it.”

Betsy lives with her husband of 11 years and three children, and says her family are happy to have the ‘old Betsy’ back.

Betsy said: “My kids are a lot happier now because I’m doing a lot more. I get home from work and I can go out with my kids now, which I could never do before because I was so tired. My husband has noticed how much happier I am too and he says he’s got the old me back. ‘Betsy’s back’, he says. It’s really nice to hear.”

“Brunelcare have taken a damaged person and made me whole again.”

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