02 Oct 20

Black History Month 2020

Written by Brunelcare
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Black History Month 2020

Black Lives Matter: we know we must do more.

There was a moment, in June this year, when the world’s media focused on Bristol - the city of our founding - as Black Lives Matter protestors toppled the statue of slave trader Edward Colston.

At the same time, as a nation, we were still in the midst of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic - a disease which disproportionately affects those from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.

These events will have a lasting legacy, one way or another, and it is our role as individuals, and mine as the leader of an organisation, to ensure it is a positive one.

This October, here at Brunelcare, we will be marking Black History Month. We’re aiming to tell the stories of some of our colleagues and customers, and to share inspiring examples of the extraordinary contribution black Britons have made to society.

But that’s not enough.

We know we must go further if we are to achieve true representation. We want to start a dialogue with our colleagues, our customers and our communities - not just celebrate a moment in time.

Our diversity is our strength. We must celebrate it, promote it and encourage it in all that we do.

The experiences of the past months have taught us many things, including the importance of doing what is right, what is necessary.

By working with our people we will set goals, and dedicate resources, to ensure we are doing everything we can.


Oona Goldsworthy
Chief Executive

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