30 Jan 20

Bristol Rovers fan is granted a ‘wish come true’

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Bristol Rovers fan is granted a ‘wish come true’

Lifelong football fan Peter was granted a ‘wish come true’ last week after a member of the Brunelcare team arranged for him to meet his heroes.

Peter Francis, 74, has supported Bristol Rovers for an incredible 66 years, going to his first match when he was just eight years old. This year, Peter was given the opportunity to meet the team and have lunch with the directors after Administrator Tracy McConnell arranged the dream trip.

He attended the match on Saturday 25th January with his best friend Brian. The pair arrived at The Memorial Stadium in Horfield to watch Bristol Rovers v Fleetwood Town, where box number one was reserved for them to view the game. Before the game, Peter was given the opportunity to have a special lunch with the directors of the club, meet the entire team, and have an access all areas tour of the grounds.

Peter said: “I couldn’t believe it when Tracy told me, it’s honestly a dream come true. I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 55-years. Going to see Rovers home or away was a way of life for me, it’s in my blood - we’d always get fish and chips after the match, whether we lost, won or drew.”

As a lifelong fan of Bristol Rovers, Peter has been to over 200 football matches to see the team, both home and away, and has travelled as far as Carlisle for a match. He fondly remembers riding his bike or catching trains to various matches as a child, and he even travelled back to Bristol from Cornwall during a family holiday to support his team!

Peter lives at Brunelcare’s Orchard Court, and his health is sadly deteriorating. When Tracy found out about his obsession with the team, she went above and beyond to make sure his time at Orchard Court would be as special as possible. Tracy pulled out all the stops; she contacted Bristol Rovers via Facebook and email, and made numerous calls before Chief Executive Officer Adam Tutton got in touch and kindly invited Peter and Brian to their next home game.

Tracy, an Administrator at Orchard Grove and Orchard Court, said: “I heard all about Peter’s obsession with Rovers and I knew I wanted to surprise him! I emailed and called several numbers and much to my surprise I had a call from Adam on Saturday night, inviting Peter and a friend to the match on Saturday 25th January. I couldn’t wait to get into work and tell him the good news!”

Peter had a fantastic time at the stadium, and was so touched by Tracy’s efforts that he sent her a heartfelt card thanking her for making his ‘wish come true’.

Peter wrote: “Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for arranging my visit to Bristol Rovers Football Club. All the club were so kind to me, Brian and myself enjoyed our afternoon so much. As a lifelong fan of Bristol Rovers it was so special for me, I never dreamed I would ever get to get a VIP visit there. You helped to make my wish come true, thank you.
Regards, Peter.”

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