Last week one of our longest serving volunteers, Clives Iles, reached a remarkable milestone.

Clive, 83, who has volunteered at Brunelcare’s Deerhurst care home for more than 2 decades, has done so for an astonishing 35,000 hours!

Clive started his volunteering journey in 1998, after his mother, who was one of the first residents to live at Deerhurst, passed away. Clive had become so accustomed to visiting his mother at Deerhurst, becoming friendly with the team and other residents, that he decided to stay and help out. Clive volunteers at Deerhurst Monday to Friday, his main day-to-day duties can include administration, ordering supplies, dealing with deliveries and feeding back to employees and managers if anything needs to be taken care of in the home.

Clive said: “I absolutely love volunteering with Brunelcare, it keeps me busy and on my feet while I’m still able. I work with some fantastic people and really enjoy the social element of my role. I’ve spent over 35-years working in the Royal Mail sorting office so I’m used to being organised and being around lots of people.”

As well as being a dedicated volunteer for Brunelcare, Clive is also a qualified pilot and received his piloting license when he was 70-years-old!

Clive says: “In my spare time I enjoy tending to the garden, going for walks or meeting up for a coffee with friends - volunteering makes the weekends special for me. Even though I fly less than I would like too, I enjoy going to the Bristol Flying Club, having a cup of tea and watching the planes come in.”

Lesley Hobbs, Deerhurst’s Care Home Manager said: “Life at Deerhurst wouldn’t be the same without any of our volunteers. Clive brings such a positive atmosphere to the office and the entire care home. Things always seem to run a lot smoother with Clive around. He’s built some great relationships with the residents and their families and he’s definitely very popular at Deerhurst! We really appreciate all of his help. He’s been and will continue to be an absolute star!”

To recognise his contribution to Brunelcare, Clive was presented with a certificate to mark the occasion. In 2018, Clive also won the Unpaid Carers Award at the Great British Care Awards.

Clive isn’t the only long serving volunteer at Deerhurst, they are fortunate enough to have a large group of volunteers who have contributed for over 20 years each, their oldest volunteer is aged 88. Deerhurst's volunteers, Michael Evans, Jenny Evans, Joan Frampton and Peter are all nominated for the Volunteer Award at the Care and Support West Awards, 2019.

To find out more about volunteering at Brunelcare, click here.

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