24 Jan 20

Tara and Chris: Brunelcare’s double act

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Tara and Chris: Brunelcare’s double act

Carers Tara and Chris started working together eight years ago, and they have since become an inseparable pair.

Tara, 30, and Chris, 70, work for our South Gloucestershire Community Care team. They started working in care together eight years ago before joining Brunelcare in May 2018. Tara and Chris regularly work ‘doubles’, visiting clients who can have specialist physical needs, together.

Prior to his job in care, Chris previously worked in the ambulance service for 25 years. He made the switch to care 10 years ago after taking time off to care for his relatives, and started working with Tara two years later. “This was something quite different for me, working with people in their own home,” Chris said, “but Tara has been a brilliant help.”

Tara also started working in care 10 years ago after wanting a career change from her role in retail. Tara said: “During my induction at my first ever care job, I was told I wouldn’t last a week. It’s been 10 years since then!”

In their eight years of working together, Tara and Chris have had over 20 joint clients, alongside their individual clients. The pair enjoy working doubles together, and their friendship even extends outside of work.

Tara and Chris enjoy going to the cinema or shopping in their spare time, and have made plans to see musical performances together later this year.

Tara said: “Chris has a good sense of humour and he doesn’t take things too seriously. A lady he cared for described him as having “white hair and a white beard” when she asked me for his name, and I said, “Do you mean Father Christmas?” We all call him a real-life Father Christmas now! He takes it in his stride and we have a good laugh.”

Chris said: “First and foremost, Tara is very caring. She always puts everybody else and their needs first. She goes above and beyond and puts herself out in her own time for people when they need things.”

The double act say they have formed an unbreakable friendship, and plan to continue working together at Brunelcare as long as possible.

Tara said: “People are really friendly here and it’s a really nice place to work. It’s like one big family.”

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