05 Jun 20

Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2020

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Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2020

On Volunteers’ Week 2020, we are recognising the wonderful contributions our volunteers have made across all areas of the Brunelcare community.

Running from 1-7 June every year, Volunteers’ Week celebrates the contribution of the UK’s millions of volunteers, acknowledging the incredible impact they have had on organisations all over the UK.

Over the past 12 months we’ve had volunteers in many capacities who have supported residents, tenants and staff across all areas of Brunelcare.

Our dedicated volunteers have taken part in a number of activities in the last year. They held 16 chatty coffee mornings, enjoyed six fun day trips, and spent eight days sprucing up gardens in our community. Our volunteers brought plenty of smiles to those in our care, and had lots of fun doing it!

More recently, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we had over 250 volunteers apply to join us. These volunteers have helped to deliver vital PPE to our sites, befriended our residents with regular telephone calls, offered a helping hand in our care homes and offices, and supported residents with their shopping.

On top of this, residents and tenants across Brunelcare have received over 350 letters and drawings from kind volunteers in response to the launch of our pen-pal scheme!

Emma Gwynne, Volunteering Development Manager at Brunelcare said: “Volunteers’ Week is just amazing, it’s so humbling to have an entire week that recognises the amazing and selfless efforts of people. I just want to wish everyone a happy Volunteers’ Week and to say thank you to all our volunteers - you’re all incredible!”

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered with us across the last year, we’ve been so lucky to have volunteers go above and beyond for the people we care for, and it is clear from the smiles volunteers bring to the faces of our residents, tenants and teams that the time they spend with us is invaluable.

Happy Volunteers’ Week 2020!

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