06 Nov 20

Colliers couple celebrate 75th wedding anniversary

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Colliers couple celebrate 75th wedding anniversary

Jean and Ken Maggs, who live in Colliers Gardens, have been celebrating 75 years of wedded bliss.

The happy couple were visited by family and friends and presented with a bouquet of flowers by Brunelcare Trustee Deborah Evans.

Julie Walker, Centre Manager at Colliers Gardens said: “It has been such a lovely day. Jean and Ken have received a card from the Queen, as well as some lovely gifts from family and friends. All staff lined up to clap the couple as they entered the restaurant and all the tenants joined in to say congratulations. It was so very special.”

Jean and Ken’s son Bruce, who attended the event along with his sister Pauline, spoke about how his parents had always been loving and supportive towards each other and their children: “We’ve always been a close family and got through any problems together. Life has been fun with a lot of laughter - nothing is too serious for too long!”

Ken’s sense of humour shone through when speaking about Jean: “After 75 years I am getting used to her now!”. Jean described how keeping the peace was the secret to their long and happy marriage: “In 75 years we have hardly quarrelled and only really had a couple of silences.”

The couple were thrilled with the response from all who joined in the celebrations. Jean said “I cannot believe what Colliers Gardens have done today, it’s been so lovely” while Ken added “We are loving all the attention today at Colliers. It’s been a really lovely day.”

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