17 Jul 20

Head chef to community carer: David’s story

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Head chef to community carer: David’s story

After over 25 years of working as a chef, David Lewis decided to join Brunelcare as a community carer.

David, 49, wanted to try a new career path after hospitality businesses shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic. He previously managed 12 high-end restaurants in Bristol, but after deciding to find a job which allowed him to make a difference, David applied for the role of community carer at Brunelcare.

David said: “My previous role was very stressful, very demanding and wasn’t rewarding. After the hospitality business shut down at the start of the pandemic, I knew I had to reevaluate my career path. I have been a chef for over 25-years and even though it was my passion, I knew I wanted to do something that really made a difference.”

David has previously volunteered at a homeless shelter and special schools across Bristol, and has looked after friends and family members with learning difficulties. He’s spent the last two-months shadowing senior community carers and undertaking training to become a qualified community carer with Brunelcare.

David said: “When I saw the job advert for a Community Carer I knew it was right for me straight away. I don’t have any official care training, but Brunelcare provided all that for me, all for free, it was great. I’m now conducting home visits with Senior Community Carers and I absolutely love it! I feel I’m making a real difference!”

Clare Hall, Operations Manager at South Gloucestershire said: “It's a real honour to have David on our team. He joined at the peak of the pandemic when we needed him the most. All our clients love seeing David’s smiley face and he’s getting on so well with the charity - he really is a super star and provides extraordinary care for extraordinary people."

David has now been working as a community carer for two months, and hopes to grow his career with Brunelcare.

To find out more about our community care opportunities, click here.

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