12 Mar 21

Welcoming the Brunelcare Excellence in Nursing Programme

By Teresa Chinn MBE

Written by Brunelcare
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Welcoming the Brunelcare Excellence in Nursing Programme

Starting something new

“The best time for starting something new is now” someone wise once said. This is most definitely the case for 14 wonderful Registered Nurses, who have become the very first cohort of the Brunelcare Excellence in Nursing Programme. The first meeting was held yesterday and although we met over Google Meets, there was a definite buzz in the virtual room.

There has never been a better time than now to start something new. Yes, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, but now more than ever we need to support our nurses. We need to not only celebrate the amazing work that they do, but also provide them with opportunities to shift their focus and really achieve something wonderful. So it is with this in mind that we decided to create the Brunelcare Excellence in Nursing Programme. The aims are simple: over the next year we want to celebrate great Registered Nurse Leadership in Social Care and at Brunelcare; we want to recognise the contribution of nurses working in Social Care and across Brunelcare; we want to provide development opportunities for Registered Nurses at Brunelcare and, most of all, we want to challenge preconceptions around working as a Registered Nurse in Social Care.

Excellence in Nursing Zoom callWe asked each of the care home managers at Brunelcare to nominate two Registered Nurses who have done something amazing, or stand out as fantastic role models, or have made an outstanding contribution to care. We had some really lovely nominations, with Lesley Hobbs (Manager of Deerhurst Care Home) writing: “Both are fantastic role models clinically, personally & professionally with their knowledge, skills, positivity and person centred approach. I would be proud to have them represent Deerhurst & Brunelcare. We have a great team of nurses here, many of whom could have been nominated, but I feel these nurses will be great to lead in this project”

Brunelcare Registered Nurses are fantastic and it was an absolute pleasure to bring so many of them together yesterday to talk about what we can do to support and share the work that they do. One of the standout moments of the session was when the cohort shared their thoughts on the best thing about being a nurse - they mentioned things like how every day there is something new to do, how it’s great to work with different people, how they are constantly learning, how they have a sense of belonging, how you never know who you are going to meet, and how fantastic it is to expect and achieve high standards.

During the session we set each of the nurses 3 challenges:

Challenge 1

The first is to come up with an individual project of improvement for their clinical area. The improvement can be clinical (eg medicines, care plans, wound care, nutrition) or non-clinical (leadership, wellbeing, environmental, accountability), but it has got to be new, evidence-based, and the nurses have to be able to see an outcome within the space of a year.

Challenge 2

The second challenge is for each of the nurses to put pen to paper and write 100 words on their first thoughts at the start of their Brunelcare Excellence in Nursing Programme.

Challenge 3

The third and final challenge is for each of the Registered Nurses to meet up for a virtual coffee with their cohort buddy - another member of the Brunelcare Excellence in Nursing Programme who they have been paired up with to enable peer to peer support throughout the year.

We are really looking forward to hearing about their progress and projects over the next month. The day was uplifting and inspiring and each and every one of us went away with the feeling that this was the start of something phenomenal…so thank you...

Marsara Biggs, Megan Stafford, Rachel Jones, Louise Thompson, Richard Flossman, Fama Diop, Buba Touray, Rose David, Harvey Judovick, Jenny Radford, Amelia Thornton-Grimes Helen Orock, Nicola Cock and Arlene Magtoto.

….for starting something new, and congratulations on being the 2021/22 cohort of the Brunelcare Excellence in Nursing Programme.

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