15 Oct 19

Glastonbury care home’s ‘Grandad’s Workshop’

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Glastonbury care home’s ‘Grandad’s Workshop’

What started as one person’s hobby, has now become a much-loved club for the residents at Glastonbury care home.

‘Grandad’s Workshop’, as it’s affectionately known, has become a regular social event for residents Stuart, Gordon and Robin.

The club has been driven by their activities coordiner, Brenda Moxey, who initially wanted to help Stuart achieve his goal of upholstering a set of dining chairs. Stuart had bought them years before but when he moved into the care home, they remained in his daughter’s garage and it seemed unlikely the project would ever get started. However, following the death of Stuart’s wife, Valerie, Stuart felt he needed something to focus on, it was then that he and Brenda hatched a plan to dig out the chairs and get to work.

With the help of Stuart’s family, the chairs were delivered to Glastonbury care home and kept in the activities hub, so Stuart could work on them whenever he wanted some headspace. Initially Brenda and Stuart put some time aside each week to work on them together, but it wasn’t long before Stuart’s project generated interest from his friends at the home and Robin and Gordon started joining Stuart on his days in the workshop.

Brenda says: “It’s brilliant. Stuart started it, then Robin came along, then Gordon started popping in, so I called it 'Grandad’s Workshop'. Even my husband has got involved to help Stuart - lending him books and helping to source materials so he can finish his project. They love it!”

The three friends share more than just tips and tricks in the workshop - starting the club has given Stuart a place to open up about the passing of his wife to his friends and to the team.

Brenda: “Stuart lost his wife a year ago, we get to talk about it when we’re running the workshop - and the project has given him a focus.”

Joanna Crago, Glastonbury care home manager, has noticed a real difference too: “Their general wellbeing has improved. They are happier, they sing more and talk more than they ever have.”

As well as attending 'Grandad’s Workshop' the residents also do quizzes, tai chi and cooking classes together - all of which are provided at the care home.

We asked Stuart about the workshop: “It’s wonderful really, I really enjoy it. I’m planning to make a papier mâché chair next after this project, I’ve been reading about it in my spare time. There’s just a few things we need to get to make it possible, but we can do it.”

Brenda: “It doesn’t matter if it takes a few months or a few years to complete the project, Stuart loves doing it and that’s what’s important. We all enjoy it. The class is open to everyone, of course, we’ve just called it ‘Grandad’s Workshop’ because of the bond they’ve formed.”

For more information about Glastonbury Care Home, click here.

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