15 Nov 19

‘Hats off’ to Ted for making us smile

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‘Hats off’ to Ted for making us smile

We caught up with Ted Evans, a tenant at our Saffron Gardens site who aims to bring joy to all with his assortment of hats.

Ted, 83, has made quite the impression with his ever growing hat collection, bringing smiles to staff, tenants and residents alike.

Ted first moved into his self-contained flat in Saffron Gardens in 2014, and has enjoyed his time with Brunelcare over the last five years. “The first time I came here I knew immediately it was the right place,” he said, “The staff here are just so caring, you can see it in their faces.”

Ted is an active member of the care home, regularly attending coffee mornings or watching DVDs with his neighbours, chatting to members of staff, and receiving daily visits or phone calls from his carer, Rachel. As well as his sociable personality, Ted has become well-known for his colourful collection of hats.

Owning a total of 25 hats and counting, Ted’s collection is constantly expanding. They have been acquired across a span of five years, according to Ted, and are often lucky finds in charity shops, or gifts from family and friends. Despite his ever growing collection, Ted clearly remembers where each one came from, with his favourite being a red, fluffy WKD hat given to him by his daughter. Tiger stripes, bells, and bobbles are also common components of his hat selection.

Ted enjoys the happiness his hat-wearing brings to both the staff and residents of Saffron Gardens, as he loves bringing joy to those around him.

Ted said: "I wear hats to give people a smile. They may think I'm daft, but as long as I make one person smile that's all that matters. My attitude is, ‘If you can’t smile, why bother?’”

Entertaining people comes naturally to Ted, who previously worked in the entertainment industry for 40 years. In amongst his other jobs, Ted worked as a DJ from 1956-1996, and was also part of a Skiffle group. This knack for bringing joy to others has carried on during his time at Saffron Gardens and is loved by both staff and residents.

Michelle Boden, Receptionist at Saffron Gardens said: “I love seeing Ted in his different hats, I think he does it to make people smile. Every weekend he donates his chef hat to Saffron Gardens for its weekly pizza club. I recently gave him a new one to celebrate his birthday, which is the 25th in his collection now!”

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