12 May 22

International Nurses Day: Lesley Hobbs celebrates 40 years of nursing

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International Nurses Day: Lesley Hobbs celebrates 40 years of nursing

This International Nurses Day we spoke to Lesley Hobbs, Home Manager at Deerhurst, who celebrates her 40th year of working in nursing this week.

Starting her nursing career in May 1982, Lesley trained to be a nurse at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI), working in various nursing roles before joining Brunelcare as a Home Manager at Deerhurst in 2006.

Within her team, Lesley supports 20 nurses who have an incredible 500+ years of combined nursing experience!

We spoke to Lesley about her experience of nursing, and how she supports her nursing staff at Deerhurst.

How did you begin your career in nursing?

I started training to be a nurse in May 1982 at Bristol Royal Infirmary. I’d always wanted to be a nurse, so I applied to train at the BRI and Frenchay; I was accepted at both schools, but I chose to go to the BRI as it was closer to home.

When I finished my training, I worked for a year in surgery before moving onto coronary care, oncology, and finally I became a district nurse.

After getting married and starting my family, I worked as a health visiting assistant for older people for 15 years at the NHS. I then joined the Dementia Care Trust as an area manager before leaving to join Brunelcare.

I joined Deerhurst care home as Home Manager in April 2006, so this is my 16th year with the Deerhurst team!

What made you decide to work in nursing?

My goal has always been to work in nursing as I enjoy supporting people. At nine years old, I started befriending elderly neighbours after my grandparents passed away - I’m a people person and I was always fascinated by learning people’s life history. When I was at school, teachers always told me I didn’t have enough patience to be a nurse, so I was proud to prove them wrong.

I have a passion for working in nursing, and my favourite part is getting to meet people and support them with their emotional and physical wellbeing.

How do you support your nurses at Deerhurst care home?

Jocelyn and Anca, nurses at Deerhurst care home.

At Deerhurst we have 20 nurses with over 500 years of combined nursing experience. As Home Manager, I support and empower our nurses to be confident in their approach and I challenge their thinking to be person-centred rather than just clinical. I encourage them to share their skills and knowledge, respect each other’s experience and views, and work as a team when making decisions.

I think I’m quite balanced in my thinking, and I’m very solution-focused, so I enjoy helping my team work through any challenges or perceived problems; in my view, nothing is unresolvable, we just have to find the solution.

I particularly value and respect the seven different nationalities that we have on the nursing team, and their cultures. I try to help them recognise their strengths and work on their feelings; for instance, some nurses can be confrontational while others are fearful of conflict, so I encourage them to respect and voice their own feelings in a calm and mindful way. Some people may be less confident in conflict resolution or talking to relatives during end of life care, so we work together to develop those skills rather than let others speak on their behalf.

Why do you enjoy working at Brunelcare?

Brunelcare’s ethos of making a difference in people’s lives, as well as their innovation and compassionate care towards its staff and customers, is what keeps me here. Not to mention the amazing team of nurses and staff that make my job so much easier and more rewarding.

I have no plans to leave Deerhurst until I retire - although I’m not sure if I will still have enough energy when I’m 65!

Find out more about Deerhurst care home here.

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