07 Aug 20

Mary and Eva’s pen pal story

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Mary and Eva’s pen pal story

Mary, a tenant at Colliers Gardens, has found a friend for life after meeting 14-year-old Eva through our pen pal scheme.

Despite their 72 year age difference, Eva, 14, and Mary, 86, have kept each other company through lockdown with regular letters, and always look forward to hearing from each other.

Eva first began talking to Mary through our pen pal scheme - an initiative created to help tackle loneliness during lockdown. She wrote her first letter to Colliers Gardens in April, and soon received a reply from Mary.

Eva said: “When I first wrote to Colliers Gardens I didn’t know if I would get a reply. A few weeks later, I had a letter from Mary. I was so thrilled! Mary and I talk about everything from arts and crafts, to the weather to what we’ve been up to at the weekend. There’s nothing I like more than receiving a letter from Mary in the post. Writing and receiving letters is very exciting and it’s definitely a lost art form.”

The pair quickly hit it off when they discovered they had similar interests, both enjoying arts and crafts, and have since formed a close friendship.

Mary said: “You’re never too old to make friends. Me and my pen pal Eva have found out that we have a lot in common, we both love arts and crafts! I’ve been telling her all about when I was a volunteer, and my daughter and son-in-law who both volunteer where I live. I always look forward to receiving her letters, and I can’t wait to finally meet her after lockdown. I think this is going to be a friend for life.”

Mary and Eva finally had the chance to meet earlier this week, with Eva visiting Colliers Gardens for her first social distanced visit with Mary. The pair enjoyed getting the chance to meet each other and talk about their interests face-to-face!

Mary and Eva are thrilled to have finally met after three months, and plan to keep writing letters to each other in the future.

Julie Walker, Extra Care Housing Manager said: “Mary and Eva have formed a friendship-for-life through the Brunelcare pen pal scheme. The pair have been keeping in touch over the past three months and it’s just fantastic to deliver Mary her letters from Eva when they arrive in the post. It’s great we are able to make such a difference.”

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