This month, Brunelcare has been running a campaign to promote hydration across the organisation as part of our employee assistance programme.

The programme, supported by Care First, follows a wellbeing calendar which focuses on different health initiatives each month to support employee wellbeing.

According to Healthline, the benefits of keeping hydrated include:

  • Enhanced physical performance
  • Increased energy levels and brain function
  • Helping to maintain a healthy weight

Caroline Gerrard, Brunelcare’s Events and Communications Coordinator says:

“To raise awareness of the importance of staying hydrated, employees have received regular updates on how to stay hydrated. We’ve signposted employees to stories about hydration, given out reusable water bottles to encourage people to use our water machines and we’ve also put up urine colour charts in the toilets, which have certainly got everyone talking!”

In conjunction with this campaign, representatives from Brunelcare are also taking part in a new pilot project with Bristol City Council, called ‘Hydration Care in Care Homes’. Brunelcare’s Deerhurst and Saffron Gardens care homes nominated 2 champions each who will attend a workshop with the Council on the 14th September.

The scheme is called ROC (Reliance on a Carer) to Drink. The ROC to Drink scheme is designed to help prevent ‘avoidable’ dehydration and enables carers to easily identify the correct level and type of support a person needs for drinking and highlights their associated risk of dehydration.

The project has been piloted in other locations across the UK, with impressive results, including:

  • 35% reduction in hospital admissions due to neck of femur fractures
  • 14% reduction in admissions due to falls
  • 10% reduction in admissions due to UTIs

Caroline Gerrard says:

“By taking part in this project it will further educate our teams and therefore benefit the individuals we care for. Hydration is so important to everyone’s health, we are promoting this topic through August but this is something we can maintain throughout the year.”

NHS guidelines recommend that people living in the UK should drink at least 1.2 litres of water a day and more when in hotter climates.

To find out more about other health related projects at Brunelcare, read our blog on mindfulness:

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