26 Feb 21

Six ways staff smile!

By Lewis Farrell

Written by Brunelcare
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Six ways staff smile!

Lewis Farrell, manager at our Little Heath Reablement Centre, shares his top tips on how he and his team stay smiling.

Covid has hit us all hard in one way or another, and for the team at Little Heath Reablement Centre there was the added pressure of opening our service amidst the pandemic on April 1st. You could smile or cry…we chose to smile!

Give...three times

I have found that we are great at complimenting people indirectly. It's great to hear when the team are being recognised by their fellow colleagues, but I cannot always do the compliment justice. So I developed compliment cards written by colleagues, for colleagues…in their own words! We use these wonderful compliment cards in three ways:

  • The compliment card board has pride of place in reception
  • We share compliments on social media, through our Facebook page and Instagram stories
  • We share compliments during appraisals/supervisions; this one-to-one setting is a great time to give compliment cards

We have found that giving a compliment not only makes the recipient smile, but also makes the compliment giver smile too.

Share, share... share again?!

Old skills are new skills that you haven't learned yet. A few of the staff at Little Heath reablement centre that could knit shared this skill with the younger team and our guests. Sharing a skill has been a great way for the team to connect and smile.

Receive - When families/guests write a card it makes a big impact!

Guests and families have been sending us cards which express their thanks for the service that the team provide. These are up in our reception to remind everyone of their great work.

Receiving cards is something that boosts the whole team so we make sure that everyone sees them.

See- So many amazing success stories have come out of this service, its the greatest feeling to see their progress

A highlight of the service is when we see people leave with more independence than when they came in! Staff clap the guests as they leave the service. It’s an uplifting way to celebrate everything guests and staff have achieved….I don't know who gets more emotional at this point!

Snap - a snapshot of happy times amidst all the negativity that is going on in the world!

Social media has been a great way of sharing happiness to families and the community. One guest had expressed to one of the care staff that they always wanted to go to The Ritz, so we brought The Ritz to her!

The carer and a few others put together an amazing day of afternoon tea and music. The guest couldn't be happier. We snapped some amazing pictures with lots of smiles to share across social media and with families.

Send- A positive quote, picture, video, or just your own positive message. We want to hear it!

Last, but by no means least, we set up a staff Whatsapp group to send and share videos, pictures, quotes and general positive conversation! It has boosted morale for everyone involved. There is no pressure to reply, you can be a member and just receive the positivity!


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