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Brunelcare’s origins stem from the aftermath of the Second World War which left Bristol’s older generation unequipped to cope. Many were living in bomb-damaged homes, had lost family and were struggling with rationing.

A committee was founded in Bristol in October 1941, taking the name ‘Old People’s Welfare Committee (OPWC)’.  The priority of the OPWC in supporting Bristol’s older people was to ‘keep them warm, keep them fed, keep them alive’. That committee formed the beginning of the organisation that became known as Brunelcare.

In 2016 we celebrated our 75th anniversary; having evolved from those humble beginnings to become the successful charity and housing and care provider we are today; continuing to help people in the region make the most of their lives.

A heritage we were proud to celebrate!


For more about our history, please read the monthly history updates we published throughout 2016 on our Latest News page. 


Call us for more information on: 0117 914 4200 or email us at: info@brunelcare.org.ukby clicking here