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assisted walk in gardenWe offer reablement which is usually for elderly people who have had a long stay in hospital and want to regain their independence and confidence. We offer this at the following locations.

South Gloucestershire Reablement (in your home)

We are jointly funded by South Gloucestershire County Council and take referrals directly from hospitals and community hospitals who provide us with the information we need. However, we do not take self-referrals and therefore, do not require contact information on an individual basis.

Deerhurst Care Home

We have four reablement rooms available, with the options to join the same activities and use the same facilities as the Care Home. Deerhurst is jointly funded by South Gloucestershire County Council and referrals are only made through the discharge team at hospitals or Sirona.

Orchard Grove Reablement Centre

This facility is for people who are leaving hospital but are not able to return home, therefore they are referred through the hospitals discharge teams only. 

Call us for more information on: 0117 914 4200 or email us at: info@brunelcare.org.ukby clicking here