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Become a Pen-pal

Help support our tenants and residents across the Brunelcare community during Coronavirus (COVID-19).

To ensure people living in our housing and care homes don’t feel isolated during this time, we’re running a pen-pal initiative. Whatever your age, join the Brunelcare community and help us support our tenants and residents through this time. 

How does it work?

We’re asking people, of all ages, who want to make a difference to write to our tenants and residents. Send them warm wishes, drawings, pictures and letters to make them smile while the UK is in lockdown. 

How do I do this?

Simply choose your nearest site:

Write a letter addressed to that centre and, next time you are out for a walk, post it through the door.

Once we receive it we will give it to a tenant or resident at our centre. 

If you are happy to leave your details on the letter it will allow the tenant to write back!

For more information, email

When taking part in our initiatives, we ask that you adhere to government guidelines.