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We recently received our Investors in People report and we were thrilled about what they had to say: “If there was one single aspect of the atmosphere at Brunelcare that stood out from all others it would be that everyone, regardless of their level or whether working in the community, housing or residential areas, was obviously and completely committed to providing the absolute best level of care they could for the service users. Regardless of the views that people had regarding their roles or the people they work with, the overriding factor was always how best to look after the service users and how to ensure they were provided the level of care they needed. It was a joy to see the enthusiasm people showed for their work.”




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Trustees Announce New CEO


Trustees Announce New CEO Brunelcare’s Board of Trustees have announced the appointment of Paula Kennedy (pictured) as Brunelcare’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Helen Joy is retiring and steps down from her role as CEO at the end of June. Click here for more.

Award Winning Apprentice


Award Winning Apprentice Many congratulations to Frankie Linham, an apprentice care assistant at Glastonbury Care Home who is on a winning streak! Click here for more.

The Napkin Project


The Napkin Project The National Care Forum has written about the Napkin Project which originated at Saffron Gardens. Click here for more.

Brunelcare in the Somerset Community


Brunelcare in the Somerset Community When it comes to choosing a care provider for care in your own home it can be a lot to think about. Somerset Community Services have written an article in local Somerset press to allay any fears and demonstrate the benefits of having care from, or working with, Brunelcare. Click here for more.

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