Reablement care


Regain your independence after a hospital stay

Our reablement service is designed to help you get back on your feet after a hospital discharge. Whether it’s in your own home or one of our specialist reablement centres, our personalised support will help you re-learn vital skills to regain your confidence.

We take referrals directly from hospitals and community hospitals that provide us with the information we need, so your care will be tailored to suit your exact needs.

A reablement guest and colleague doing a jigsaw puzzle.

About our reablement service

  • Our person-centred approach to care helps restore your confidence and independence
  • Our reablement team is well-trained and supported, providing the highest quality care
  • We can support you with personal care, such as washing and bathing
  • In our reablement centres, you will be supported to achieve your goals by a multidisciplinary team that includes occupational therapists and physiotherapists

Find a reablement service

The entrance to Little Heath Reablement Centre.

Little Heath Reablement and Support

Little Heath Reablement and Support is a 24-bed reablement and support service in Cadbury Heath, South Gloucestershire.

Guests sitting in the gardens of Orchard Grove reablement centre.

Orchard Grove reablement centre

Orchard Grove Reablement Centre, based in Whitehall, provides high-quality reablement care and rehabilitation.

A lady sits in a red armchair laughing with a carer wearing a Brunelcare fleece.

Somerset home care

Our Somerset home care services provide all the support you need to stay in your own home, helping you maintain your independence and wellbeing.

Home care Reablement Respite care
A carer and client laughing at each other.

South Gloucestershire home care

We offer community and home services across South Gloucestershire, providing all the care and support you need to stay in your own home.

Home care Reablement

Commonly asked questions

What is reablement care?

Reablement care provides support to regain your confidence after a fall or hospital stay.

Upon discharge from hospital, a tailored care plan will be implemented to best suit your needs. Your care may include multidisciplinary support from a team of carers, nurses, physical therapists or occupational therapists, for example, to help you practice doing things on your own until you’re ready to be independent.

Brunelcare offers a number of reablement services:

  • We have two dedicated reablement centres for people who are leaving hospital but are not able to return home, referred to us through the hospital discharge teams only.
  • In South Gloucestershire we provide a reablement service for you at home.
  • Our Somerset home care teams provide a similar service called ‘D2A’ (Discharge to Assess), again taking referrals directly from local hospitals.
How can reablement help me?

At Brunelcare, we ensure all our guests feel confident and ready to return home after staying with us. We’ll help re-establish everyday routines, ensure guests are confident with their own personal care, alongside activities of daily living.

We appreciate how much people love being at home, so we’ll do our best to make your stay as short as possible, all the while ensuring we are as confident as you are to return home, and continue with your normal routine.

We will:

  • Support you to continue with the reablement goals set on discharge
  • Follow a person-centred approach to care; restoring confidence and self-motivation
  • Create care plans to meet the individual needs of every guest
  • Provide a dedicated and multidisciplinary team of Reablement Workers, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Carers and Occupational Therapists to support and empower you to achieve your goals