Choosing the right housing option

Our wide variety of homes suit all stages of later life. Our guide helps you to understand the differences and choose the appropriate option for you or your loved one.

Sheltered housing

Available to people aged 60 and over, referred to Brunelcare by Bristol City Council’s HomeChoice team.

Living independently in one of Brunelcare’s housing sites, managed by Housing Officers and their team, where support with living is available if needed. Property maintenance and pull-cord alarm systems are also provided in the majority of the housing schemes, inclusive of rent.

Independent living

Available to you if you live in Bristol, through Bristol’s Home Choice, for those who choose to rent a retirement flat and are happy to live independently (without Housing Officer support), but with property maintenance support from Brunelcare, inclusive in the rent.

Retirement living

Woodland Court, our retirement village situated in Downend in Bristol, offers a range of premium apartments available to those looking to buy their retirement home. Living in the village means you get to enjoy its gardens and grounds without having to worry about their maintenance. As needs change, Brunelcare’s care and support services are also available for residents.


These are homes designed for older people who wish to have a stake in the ownership of a home within Bristol with a lease in place.

Shared Ownership

Designed for older people, these properties are ideal for those who want to have a stake in the ownership of their home and offer an alternative to renting and full ownership.