A memorial for Queen Elizabeth II

11th Nov 2022 - Written by Brunelcare

Reading time: 3 minutes

A tenant at Brunelcare has created a wonderful memorial piece to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II.

Annie, who lives at our Colliers Gardens extra care housing site, decided to create the piece after hearing about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, as she wanted to bring some smiles to Colliers.

The piece, presented in two large frames, includes photos of the Queen throughout her life, a book of Paddington at the palace, stamps, coins, and handwritten poems by Annie. Annie enjoys poetry as a hobby and wanted to include poems within the piece.

Annie created the piece for tenants at Colliers Gardens to enjoy and said: “There’s not anything on the walls about the Queen, and many tenants would have lived through her entire reign. They would have remembered King George VI. I thought this was something nice to do for them, and I’m excited for them to see it.”

Two large framed art pieces dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II.

The process took a few weeks overall, with Annie leading the creative direction of the piece.

Annie said: “It took a few weeks to put the piece together as I had to find the right frames. My carer Mandy brought me a book about the Queen with pictures for me to cut out, and I knew where I wanted them all to go on the display. I really enjoyed doing it.”

The piece will be displayed in the communal area at Colliers Gardens for tenants and colleagues to enjoy, and pictures of the piece will be sent to Buckingham Palace.