From adaptation nurse to clinical lead: Austin's nursing story

9th Feb 2023 - Written by Brunelcare

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Austin Mangoba, Clinical Lead at Brunelcare, talks about his exciting nursing career journey, why he enjoys working at Brunelcare, and how we support nurses to develop in their careers.

Tell us about your career journey. What roles have you had throughout your time at Brunelcare?

I started at Robinson House in 2003 as an Adaptation Nurse. Because I did my Nursing course in the Philippines, I had to complete an adaptation course here in the UK for almost 6 months.

I then became a Registered General Nurse. I moved up the career ladder from Staff Nurse to Senior Nurse and then Deputy Manager at Robinson House in a span of 6 years. I did work at UHBNHS Foundation Trust for 3 years as a Staff Nurse initially and then, later on, progressed to be the Trust’s Clinical Nurse Specialist for Nutrition. This hospital experience really helped me improve as a Nurse, especially around nutrition and hydration.

I then went back to Robinson House as a Clinical Manager for 2 years, supporting the clinical needs of the residents. After this, I went back to UHB as a Staff Nurse in the Acute Medical Gastro and Cystic Fibrosis ward, and I completed a rotation with the Trust’s Cystic Fibrosis team.

In 2016, I worked as Deputy Manager for Saffron Gardens Care Homes, supporting the Home Manager with the clinical care of the residents, having staff supervisions and appraisals, managing the rota for the care staff, etc.

In 2019, I applied for the Head of Clinical Excellence (now known as Clinical Lead for Brunelcare) and was successful! As Clinical Lead for the organisation, it has been rewarding and challenging, especially during the pandemic, but I am enjoying it! It has opened many opportunities for me, and it has been great!

What are your highlights of working at Brunelcare? What do you enjoy the most?

My biggest highlight is how I progressed from being an Adaptation Nurse to where I am now! I enjoy spending time with the residents, caring for them, supporting colleagues, collaborating with internal and external colleagues, and dealing with challenges.

What support has Brunelcare provided to you throughout your career progression?

Brunelcare allowed me to enter the Adaptation course, complete training and attend courses, have regular supervision meetings and achievement reviews, and have an inspiring mentor who encourages me to move up the ladder.

What benefits does Brunelcare provide to its nurses?

Brunelcare offers a range of benefits: providing clinical training delivered by an external Nurse Educator from London, fair pay, and covering the NMC annual fee for RNs to name a few.

What is your current role? What does a typical day look like?

As a Clinical Lead, I mostly support our Care Homes and Reablement Centres but may get calls from the other parts of the organisation.

I provide a lot of support around infection management, especially Covid. I sometimes get involved in senior management meetings, review clinical policies and procedures, organise clinical training for staff, and carry out Quality Assurance audits in our Care Homes & Reablement centres.

Currently, we are working closely with our external partners to help with the bed crisis in acute hospitals.

What skills are the most crucial to succeeding in this career? What type of person do you need to be?

Clinical skills (venepuncture, catheterisation, taking observations, etc.) and interpersonal skills are important, and Brunelcare will provide the necessary clinical training. One has to be passionate, caring, willing to learn, resilient and hard-working.

What is your proudest achievement?

Becoming the Clinical Lead For Brunelcare!

Would you encourage other nurses to apply at Brunelcare? If so, why?

100%! Brunelcare is a fair employer that has always been brilliant when it comes to providing training for staff. Brunelcare also encourages staff to improve and progress in their chosen career. There are a lot of friendly, supportive people who are available when you need a hand. Brunelcare looks after its employees.

What is the best bit of advice you have for someone looking to become a nurse?

Being a Nurse can be difficult, but it can also be very rewarding. You get to meet many different people, experience many different things, and laugh and cry with residents, relatives and colleagues.

As a Nurse, in general, you can be there to welcome a new life, and you can also be there to hold someone’s hand as they leave this world. Care of the elderly can be very fulfilling, especially when you spend time with residents and they tell you the amazing things they have experienced in their younger days.

I have always said that I found my humanity again when I started working in care homes, because this is where I found the true meaning of patient care.

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