12 May 20

Celebrating International Nurses Day

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Celebrating International Nurses Day

This International Nurses Day we want to thank all of our nurses at Brunelcare for the fantastic work they do.

Today we are celebrating International Nurses Day, a time to appreciate the amazing contribution nurses make to our organisation.

As part of  the day, we have spoken to three Nurses from our Deerhurst care home, who have a combined 40-years of experience between them!

The team have explained what the celebratory day means to them, how their day-to-day roles have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19 and how they’re making a difference every single day.

Richard Flossman, a Registered Nurse with four years experience in the healthcare sector, started his career at Brunelcare after qualifying as a nurse. He has a passion for caring and looking after elderly people living with dementia.

Richard said: “The best part of my job as a Registered Nurse is making a difference, not only to the residents in our care but to their families and friends too. It’s common knowledge that things in the sector have had to change considerably over the past few weeks, such as canceling all visitations and only allowing essential visits. As nurses, we ensure the wellbeing of all of our residents, so we're going above and beyond to ensure families stay connected. We do this by using either technology or calling family members with updates about their loved ones. To have a day dedicated to nursing is just fantastic and really humbling!”

Eleazar Tapia, a Registered Nurse at Deerhurst Care Home has been with the charity since 2015 and has nearly two-decades experience in the nursing sector. He has a history of working with elderly people living a dementia in the Philippines and moved to the UK in 2006. Eleazar, like the other nurses at Deerhurst, provides a person-centred approach to care, treating all residents with dignity and respect.

Eleazar said: “My favourite part of the job is spending good quality time with our residents and ensuring their well-being is the best it can be. It’s great that nurses like myself are finally getting the recognition we deserve. It’s only now, during the Coronavirus crisis that people seem to be recognising our contributions, even though it’s a little later than expected, it’s still great!"

Jocelyn Caballero, a Deputy Manager and Registered Nurse working at Deerhurst has been with the charity since 2001. She started her nursing career in hospitals caring for acutely ill patients.

Jocelyn said: “I couldn’t be more proud to be a nurse on International Nurses Day. It’s humbling the day is getting recognised! We have such a strong team of nurses all across Brunelcare and I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone!”

Sandra Payne, Director of Nursing & Care Homes said: "It's great that we can celebrate International Nurses Day at Brunelcare. We have over 60 nurses working across the charity and it's fantastic to see that the profession is finally getting the recognition it deserves. All of our nurses are so passionate about what they do, have a wealth of experience and all work extremely hard to deliver top quality care for all our residents and tenants. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Brunelcare, our nurses, our carers and our support employees too, especially at these difficult times. Happy International Nurses Day!"

We currently have vacancies for Nurses across Brunelcare. If you would like to find out more, or apply, email austin.mangoba@brunelcare.org.uk.

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