Brunelcare colleague apprenticeship success!

14th Sep 2023 - Written by Brunelcare

Reading time: 3 minutes

We’re so proud that Brunelcare colleague Mark Townsend has completed his Health, Safety and Environment apprenticeship, achieving a distinction! He is our first Health and Safety Apprentice and now has a nationally recognised qualification along with lots of new knowledge to help improve our practices. We are delighted to announce that Mark will be staying on at Brunelcare following his qualification, having been appointed as our new Deputy Health and Safety Advisor. We asked Mark some questions about his experience.


What inspired you to do this apprenticeship and how did it come about?

After 20 years in hotel management, the pandemic provided me with the opportunity to spend time with my family and allowed me to reflect on my career. Whilst reviewing my CV, I noted that much of what I enjoyed about my previous role related to Health and Safety. The Level 3 apprenticeship that Brunelcare advertised was a timely opportunity, merging my aspirations with the needs of the charity at that time.

How did you find the course and what did you enjoy most about it?

The course was both informative and challenging. What I enjoyed most was the practical application of knowledge, which enabled me to visualise the real-world impact of health and safety within the charity. The support from my tutor also helped in the process of completing the Apprenticeship to my desired level.

What support did you receive from Brunelcare?

Brunelcare played a pivotal role in my learning journey. They not only offered flexible learning hours but also supplied invaluable tools and resources. The guidance I received from Bob, among others, was important in ensuring I thrived throughout my apprenticeship.

Well done on your distinction! How did you feel when you found out your result?

Achieving a distinction was a goal I set myself from the onset of the course. Although I remained committed throughout, the anticipation built until the end point assessment (EPA). When the results arrived, I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction, recognising that both my effort and the support from the charity had been rewarded. 

What’s next for your career?

Building on this achievement, I aim to potentially pursue higher qualifications to better expand my knowledge and better support Brunelcare, its staff, and its clients.