Receive mental health support with Help When You Need It

13th May 2022 - Written by admilne

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This Mental Health Awareness Week, find out more about how we can support your mental wellbeing through our Help When You Need It service.

Funded by Bristol City Council, Help When You Need It (HWYNI) provides support to both Brunelcare customers and older members of the Bristol community, who are in need of assistance. The service has supported over 550 individuals in the community since its launch in 2020.

As part of this service, clients can receive support with mental health and wellbeing, and prevention of loneliness and isolation.

How can we support your mental health?

This service can help clients manage their health and wellbeing by using holistic approached that suit the individual. The types of support provided can include:

  • Help to access mental health services
  • Connecting with communities and community groups
  • Support to access GP surgeries
  • Support with overall day-to-day living activities
  • Tenancy management, which can positively impact your mental health

How can the HWYNI service help with loneliness?

In cases of loneliness or isolation, we can help clients connect with their local community and groups of interest.

The HWYNI service also has links to our community engagement and volunteering team, where clients can sign up for our Friends on the Phone or Befriending services.

Friends on the phone (FoTP) is a telephone befriending initiative that involves being partnered with a volunteer for a weekly chat. We have found FoTP to be beneficial for tackling feelings of loneliness and building relationships with members of the community.

Clients can also receive support to access work, training and other activities to prevent and combat loneliness.

Through the Help When You Need It service we hope to help members of the Bristol community manage their mental and physical wellbeing. We have seen some fantastic results from our service so far, and we are proud to be able to assist older people to achieve their support goals.

Femi Robinson Support Services Manager

To find out more about our Help When You Need It service, and how we can support you with your wellbeing, visit the pages below.