Mother’s Day 2022: “We’re not just mother and daughter, we’re best friends!”

26th Mar 2022 - Written by Katy Westaway

Reading time: 3 minutes

For Mother’s Day 2022 we spoke to Eleanor and Elizabeth, a mother/daughter duo celebrating their sixth anniversary of living at Colliers Gardens.

Elizabeth, 63, and Eleanor, 96, have been living at Brunelcare since 2016, after an unfortunate series of break-ins at their home in Horfield. The pair started looking for a safer place to live with encouragement from their family, and they soon came across a two-bedroom apartment available at Colliers Gardens.

As Mum and I are vulnerable, our family members were worried about us living where we were. Alongside three burglaries, the access in our home was difficult for me to navigate in my wheelchair, and for mum to walk from place to place. Our relatives had heard great things about Colliers Gardens, and by chance they had a two-bedroom apartment available. As soon as we saw it, we fell in love and asked when we could move in


Elizabeth and Eleanor have lived with each other for over 40 years, and say they couldn’t think of anyone better to spend their time with.

We’re not just mother and daughter, we’re best friends! Neither of us could think of a better person to spend our time with. We absolutely love living at Colliers Gardens. The carers are so remarkable, very friendly and the other tenants are very sociable. We’ve met some great friends here and feel like we have a new lease of life!


It’s a pleasure to have Elizabeth and Eleanor live with us at Colliers, and we are thrilled to know they’re enjoying living here together. We’ve never had a mother and daughter come and live with us before, so it’s something really special.

Julie Walker Colliers Gardens Manager