Orchard Grove photography project

17th May 2021 - Written by Katy Westaway

Reading time: 3 minutes

Ota Havlik, reablement worker at Orchard Grove, has unveiled an incredible portrait photoshoot of the Orchard Grove team.


The project gave the team a chance to showcase their personality and emotions by decorating their own face masks.


Ota said:

We have been in the pandemic for over a year now, and wearing masks all the time has meant that we almost forgot what it’s like to see each other’s faces, smiles, emotions. The project also meant a little distraction from the “groundhog day” routine we have been in since the pandemic started.


As we are required to wear masks all the time, I thought it would be a nice and interesting idea to combine the creativity and individuality of each person with the rest of their faces.

Ota Havlik

Completing the project over three weeks, Ota set up a provisional studio in the gym to photograph his colleagues, with a chair, two studio lights and a bed sheet as a background. Each person decorated their own masks to show their creativity.


After editing the photos, he created a digital booklet and had it professionally printed to give each person their own copy.


He said:

I was really positively surprised by how many of my colleagues joined in the project and put their time and effort into decorating their masks. I think it was a hugely welcome change from the daily routine for everyone involved.

Ota Havlik

See the photos below: