Trustees’ Week 2021

1st Nov 2021 - Written by Katy Westaway

Reading time: 3 minutes

1-5 November marks Trustees’ week, and we would like to thank our wonderful trustees for their continued hard work and support.

Trustees’ week is a time to celebrate of the hard work and dedication of trustees across the UK. We recently spoke to two of our trustees, Deborah Evans and Tony Wilson, about their time at Brunelcare and what it means to them.

Deborah Evans, Chair of Trustees at Brunelcare, has been volunteering with Brunelcare for four years and spends one to two days per week focusing on the strategic direction of the charity. She was initially interested in the role because her mother and father were living at our Saffron Gardens care home, and Deborah wanted to become more involved with the charity.

At the point of joining Brunelcare as a trustee, I was working for the NHS. I saw the amazing care that my mum was receiving at the charity and I got in touch about the role. I saw it as an amazing opportunity to have input and make decisions for this fantastic organisation. I applied to become a trustee and I managed to land the role! It has been a fascinating and fulfilling role and I enjoy every minute. My role as a Trustee is to ensure we are meeting all the relevant standards and running the organisation properly. It’s a really great job and I feel I’m really making a difference to the place my mum and dad once called home. I have meetings with the CEO and I keep in touch with all other trustees to ensure we value their input


Without knowing very much about Brunelcare, I volunteered with several other well-known Bristol organisations, until around three years ago, with some trepidation, I responded to a Brunelcare advert for a tenant trustee. I think I cleaned up well and must have behaved as Deborah, Brunelcare’s Chair of Trustees, offered me the role!

Whilst we are all volunteers, others are on the board for their professional knowledge and experience, whereas I am there to lend an ongoing tenant perspective. They are a lovely bunch dedicated to making Brunelcare an even better place for tenants, for care home residents and for our incredibly hard working and loyal employees; many of whom have been with Brunelcare for a very long time. The years have gone by very quickly and having learned a great deal, I want more. It’s hard work, fulfilling, and fun. I really enjoy being a trustee at Brunelcare. Happy Trustees’ week!


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