07 Jun 21

Volunteers’ Week 2021 – Gaynor

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Volunteers’ Week 2021 – Gaynor

Gaynor joined us during the pandemic to help at Waverley Gardens - her help has been invaluable throughout this difficult year. We had a chat with Gaynor to find out more about her role and why she decided to volunteer at Brunelcare during this challenging time.

Gaynor volunteers in an administrative role, primarily relating to the extra work that Covid-19 created for care homes. She originally responded to a Facebook post about help with picking up shopping or prescriptions, but when she found out that Waverley needed administrative help, it was the perfect match due to her admin experience.

She explained: “One of my key jobs is to ensemble the test kits for staff and tenants and register them once they’ve been taken. There’s usually 40-60 tests a week for the staff, and 150 a month for the tenants! I also answer phone calls, help with archiving, and have been delivering post to the tenants as the post service hasn't been able to enter the building.”

Gaynor went on to explain how she felt driven to volunteer at Brunelcare due to the impact of the pandemic, she said: “The pandemic has put so much pressure on everything, and I wanted to take the opportunity to do something positive to give back. I felt it gave people a chance to come together and look out for their neighbours.”

Gaynor described how she's “found Waverley gardens to be a fantastic place and everyone there has really made me feel part of the team and not just a volunteer. I feel I’ve been lucky with my placement and with the people I work with. I can’t say enough positive things about them and I always really look forward to my volunteering!”

This goes to show that no-one is just a volunteer at Brunelcare, you will always be welcomed as part of our team.

Our colleagues at Waverley Gardens also feel very lucky to have Gaynor as a volunteer. They said: “Gaynor is a breath of fresh air! She’s lovely and I enjoy having her volunteer here. The tenants love her and she’s really good with them. All the staff think she’s amazing and we would be lost without her.”

We would like to give a huge thank you to Gaynor for all your help during the pandemic - you do a phenomenal job and we appreciate everything you do!

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to make a positive difference to someone's life, we offer a variety of roles to suit everyone. Please click here for more information.

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