What do I need to think about when choosing a care home?

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What do I need to think about when choosing a care home?

We consider a good care home to be one that helps people make the most of their lives.

We provide an environment that we hope is as close to feeling home-from-home as possible, with a warm ‘homely’ feel to it.  We try to create a community where residents, employees, family and friends all feel happy and relaxed together.

When choosing a care home you might want to focus your research on the following type of considerations:

  • Do staff focus on the people they care for as individuals, offering person-centred care?
  • Does the home allow residents to engage in activities, enabling people to continue to pursue existing interests and hobbies? e.g. gardening?
  • Can you see that the staff know how to effectively connect with and understand people? Can they respond to feelings and not just words?
  • Do you see staff freely giving hugs, holding people’s hands and showing they care?
  • Do the staff show a passion for caring for people?
  • Can you have visitors when you want to and entertain them in your room?
  • Does the home have a relaxed atmosphere where people’s needs come first?
  • Can residents safely venture outside should they desire, with all the necessary help and support?
  • Do the residents have a say in how the home is run?
  • How does the home deal with complaints?
  • Are the rooms and facilities everything that you are looking for? Do you feel ‘at home’?
  • What are the fees and what is included in the fees?
  • Are there any extra charges?
  • Does the home accept people paid for by the County Council?
  • Will you have your own room with your own bath, shower or toilet?
  • Can you bring your pet with you?
  • Can you choose when you have your meals?
  • Is there a choice at each meal?
  • Can you get up and go to bed when you like?
  • Is there a phone you can use to make and receive calls in private?
  • Does the home seem well looked after, smelling clean and fresh?
  • Is the home convenient for shops, public transport, your doctor?
  • Can you stay in your room when you want to?
  • Do you need the home to specialise in certain forms of special needs care, such as dementia care? Are there smoking and non-smoking areas?

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