Introducing Together with Customers

27th Aug 2021 - Written by Katy Westaway

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We’re delighted to be launching Brunelcare’s new customer engagement scheme: ‘Together with Customers’.

At Brunelcare, we value the voice and experience of all of our customers. To ensure we’re getting things right and holding ourselves accountable, we’re launching ‘Together with Customers’ – an engagement scheme that allows customers to have their say about the things that matter most to them.In the coming months, we will work with customers to create a ‘Together with Customers charter.’ The charter will include commitments about how we work, how we communicate, and how we involve customers in the delivery of our services. Through this, we hope to strengthen our relationship with those we provide services for and improve our accountability.


We are also planning a variety of ways for customers to have their say, to ensure every voice is heard. Throughout Autumn we will host events at each of our sites, share a customer engagement survey, and hold focus groups that allow residents, tenants, and guests to provide feedback on their experience with Brunelcare and help us create our new charter.

When I returned to Bristol several years ago, an offer of a flat with Brunelcare seemed too good to miss, and I accepted right away. Subsequently, through good times and illness I have felt safe and secure in my small, usually very friendly Brunelcare community. And while there are always niggles, I was happy enough, while knowing very little of the wider organisation.

That changed over two years ago when, after answering an ad, I was recruited to the Brunelcare board of trustees. Simple, nothing to it… if I did think that for even a second, I was completely wrong. It is hard but rewarding work. My job is to learn and keep abreast of things in this large multi-purpose organisation run by dedicated professionals. Other trustees are involved for their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm, while my purpose, beyond that of any trustee, is to bring tenant perspectives to the board and senior management.

Doing this voluntary job has opened my eyes to the whole of the organisation; board, staff and volunteers, other housing sites, care settings and reablement, plus the everyday effort, particularly in recent times of prolonged shortage and stress around the pandemic.

I welcome the Together with Customers initiative as it promises what it says on the tin… let’s move forward together. Including tenants and other users of Brunelcare should make my task easier and more effective.
Who mentioned retirement?

Tony Wilson Tenant and trustee at Brunelcare

To find out more about Together with Customers, click here.