Share your views with us

Complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey

We are always looking to improve our services, and to do this we want to hear from you, our customers, about what matters most to you.

Market research company Acuity will be carrying out customer surveys on our behalf. Between the 16th to 28th of January, you will receive a short telephone call from Acuity on behalf of Brunelcare to tell us what you think and help us to improve our services.

Any information you give them will be treated in confidence and will only be used by Brunelcare to improve our services.

Commonly asked questions

Is the survey optional?

Yes, the caller will check if you are happy to take part in the survey so you can let the caller know if you would not like to take part.

What will I be asked?

Acuity will ask a variety of questions about our services and how they are delivered, so you can have your say about what matters most to you.

How will my answers be used?

Your answers will be used to help us improve our services and the way they are delivered. All feedback will be treated confidentially.