Brunelcare colleagues achieve Queen's Nurse title

19th Dec 2023 - Written by Brunelcare

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We are so proud that two of our colleagues, Austin Mangoba, Clinical Lead for Brunelcare, and Glastonbury’s Care Home Manager, Edwin Jose, have been awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse by The Queen’s Nursing Institute.

The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) is a registered charity promoting excellent nursing care through a national network of Queen’s Nurses. The charity is believed to be the oldest nursing charity in the world, with origins traced as far back as 1887.

Each year, the QNI provides the opportunity for nurses with five or more years of experience working in community settings to earn the title of Queen’s Nurse (QN) by demonstrating a high level of commitment to patient care and nursing practice.

On Friday 8th December, Edwin and Austin attended the prestigious awards ceremony in London to collect their Queen’s Nurse Award. The pair applied to become Queen’s Nurses in early 2023 and received news that they were both successful in October 2023.

Sandra Payne, Director of Nursing & Care Services, said: “I am so pleased for Austin and Edwin as they become Queen’s Nurses. I have worked with both of them for many years as we have worked in various nursing roles in Brunelcare.

Austin and Edwin are consummate professionals. They uphold the highest of standards in nursing care and are positive role models to others. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated and clinically skilled nurses working in our team, and I feel very proud to work alongside them.”

We spoke to Austin about his award and what it means to him.

What inspired you to apply for the title of Queen’s Nurse?

“The first time I heard about the Queen’s Nurse title was from my colleague Teresa Chinn, Brunelcare’s Nursing and Care Homes Support Manager, who is a Queen’s Nurse herself. Teresa told me about how this programme recognises the hard work, dedication, innovativeness and leadership of nurses working in the community. I thought, “Great, we can finally shout about all the excellent things we do outside the hospital setting!””

Were you supported by your team at Brunelcare to achieve your goal of becoming a Queen’s Nurse?

“The team has been very supportive right from the start! The trust, encouragement and help that I received was overwhelming. They are a big part of my success.”

What are the benefits of becoming a Queen’s Nurse?

“Being a Queen’s Nurse means I can help promote all the great things social care nurses do day in and day out, and how self-sufficient, collaborative and forward-thinking we are!”

What does being a Queen’s Nurse mean to you?

“Becoming a Queen’s Nurse means being recognised for all of our hard work, leadership and excellence in providing care to our residents and being role models to our colleagues.”

Would you encourage others to apply for the Queen’s Nurse title, and if so, why?

“100%! Brunelcare Nurses are one of the most dedicated, person-centred, hard-working and caring people, and we need to share and highlight our accomplishments! I feel that our Nurses meet the values of a Queen’s Nurse!”

Find out more about the Queen’s Nursing Award here: https://qni.org.uk/explore-qni/qni-awards/award-outstanding-service/

Photo credit: The Queen’s Nursing Institute.