Tips to help you stay warm this winter

16th Dec 2022 - Written by Brunelcare

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With winter fast approaching, it can be difficult to stay warm without turning up the heat. Here are some budget-friendly tips to help you keep the heat in this winter.

1. Keep draughts out

A grey draught excluder blocking a white door.

To make sure the heat stays in, try blocking any areas in your home that may be draughty. This can include:

  • Hang curtains or blankets over external doors and windows to keep extra warmth in
  • Make the most of draught excluders – block any gaps under doors or around window frames
  • Keep the doors around your home closed
  • Keep your curtains closed when it gets dark to avoid losing heat, and open them in the morning to allow the sun to warm your room
  • Move your furniture – keep sofas and chairs away from external walls, and at least 6 inches from the radiator to allow the heat to fill the room

2. Wrap up warm

A stack of wool jumpers.

Adding extra layers can help you stay warm at home without using extra heating. Layer up with lots of thin layers, as this can keep you warmer than wearing one thick layer of clothing. 

Fluffy socks, slippers, hats and gloves will also keep you nice and warm. Keep an eye out for materials like wool or fleece for added warmth.

3. Reduce damp and condensation

Close-up of condensation pooling on a window.

Damp and condensation can not only cause your home to feel colder, but also has negative effects on your health. The moisture that occurs when we cook or shower can become trapped and eventually leads to mould in your home. You can take steps to prevent this by:

  • Opening your windows and closing the door in rooms where you’re cooking, showering, or hanging wet clothes, to give the moisture a chance to escape outside.
  • Wipe down condensation from windows each morning
  • Keep your furniture away from external walls

You can read our full guidance on damp and condensation here.

4. Make warm food & drink

A warm bowl of soup with steam rising from it.

Having warm food and drinks can raise your internal temperature to keep you warmer during the day. To help keep your energy costs down, only boil the amount of water you need and use a microwave where you can.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is recommended to help your boost your immune system during the winter. Read the British Heart Foundation’s tips for eating well on a budget.

5. Visit a warm space

A white mug on a wooden table in a cafe.

Many Councils are opening ‘Warm Spaces’ to the community this winter where you can keep warm and enjoy a hot drink or take part in an activity. You can visit https://warmspaces.org/ to find a map of ‘warm banks’ across the UK.

Bristol City Council has set up a network of Welcoming Spaces for people in Bristol to socialise, enjoy a warm space, and access support. 

Our three Extra Care Housing sites, ABC Centre, Colliers Gardens, and Waverley Gardens, are open as Welcoming Spaces to members of the community this Autumn/Winter.

You can find out more about our opening times, and other Welcoming Spaces across Bristol, on the Bristol City Council website.

Bristol City Council’s Welcoming Spaces

6. Keep moving

A person tying the laces on a pair of red trainers.

If you’re able to, keeping active during the winter months will help boost your circulation and help you stay warm. Light exercise is recommended during the winter, as exercise that makes you sweat can cool you down.

Any amount of exercise, such as a short walk around the house or on the spot, can be beneficial. If you’re not able to stand up, try moving your arms and legs for a few minutes every hour.

7. See what support you can get

A pair of hands typing on a calculator and making notes.

There is a range of support options available to support you through the cost of living crisis, from grants and benefits to local community support.

Our cost of living help page details a range of schemes and grants that may be available to you, and guidance on the Government’s cost of living payments.

Read our cost of living help

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